Laurie Millis

Executive Administrator

Laurie Millis is the Executive Administrator at Worth, bringing a wealth of experience and a dynamic career background to her role. She pursued her college education in marketing, brand development, and management. In the early 2000s, Laurie took a break from work to focus on raising her three children, twin daughters and a son.

In 2005, Laurie co-owned a healthcare company based in Central Florida. As Vice President and Operations Manager, she successfully managed a team of 25-30 individuals across eight office locations, including an international patient care facility in Nassau, Bahamas. Through her strategic efforts, the company’s annual sales grew to exceed $4 million.

After selling her ownership stake in the company in 2022, Laurie transitioned to the publishing industry. At Worth, Laurie leads new initiatives with project management and assists the departments within the company, including marketing, sales, and production.

Outside of work, Laurie enjoys attending live concerts, practicing meditation, and reading tarot cards for fun.