A Pride Month spotlight on Victor E. Diaz-Herman, Worth’s Chief Operating Officer


By Kristopher Castellano

A bold leader often stands up for what is right, even when public opinion does not align with them, but true leadership requires the courage to take a principled stand time and time again, guided by values rather than popularity. This Pride Month, we are proud to spotlight the bold leadership of our Chief Operating Officer, Victor Diaz-Herman. As an openly gay man, recognized community leader, and advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights, Victor brings unparalleled passion and dedication to his role at Worth International Media. His visionary leadership and mission-driven management are not only shaping the company’s future but also championing a world where all individuals feel valued, respected, empowered, and safe in the knowledge that they belong.

Since assuming his position as C.O.O., and with the unfaltering support of Worth’s Executive Leadership, Victor has worked alongside team members to develop and maintain a corporate culture that prioritizes diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in all aspects of the business.

When asked what accomplishments he is most proud of to date, Victor said, “I am proud of the team we have cultivated, which has been unwavering in their support of our mission, A World Connected, which at its core is a call to action in an effort to create a world where everyone is seen, valued, and belongs, which starts with how we operate as a team and the culture we foster at Worth.”

Under his leadership, Worth International Media now undergoes frequent reviews of corporate policies and practices to ensure they remain inclusive and prioritize team members’ health and well-being; Most recently, the company launched an unlimited time off policy to allow people the flexibility to manage the challenging schedules and responsibilities of day to day life; And, they implemented a Social Responsibility Program that incentivizes team members to get involved in their communities, to support causes that are meaningful to them, and to ultimately impact the world in positive ways.

“Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords at Worth International Media; they are fundamental values that drive our success,” said Diaz-Herman. “I am honored to be part of a company that prioritizes creating an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive, including myself. This month as we celebrate Pride, I know with certainty that my queer identity and those of my LGBTQIA+ colleagues, are not just respected, but valued as part of the colorful fabric that makes Worth International Media the boutique but might company that it is.”

Prior to his role as Chief Operating Officer at Worth, Victor has had a long personal and professional career as an advocate and activist for LGBTQIA+ people, having served as the Chief Executive Officer at Pridelines, South Florida’s oldest LGBTQ+ direct services agency and Miami-Dade County’s LGBTQ+ Community Center, Victor has over 15 years of experience in creating safe, brave, and affirming spaces that embrace the intersecting identities of each person that walked through their doors. Victor also serves on the board of Equality Florida, the state’s leading LGBTQ rights organization.

“Worth International Media is privileged to have Victor as our Chief Operating Officer,” said Laurel Herman, President and Editorial Director at Worth International Media. “His leadership inspires us all to strive for excellence and inclusivity in everything we do. His extensive leadership experience and his passion to advocate for A World Connected across our industries, will undoubtedly keep us focused on our mission and values as we continue to grow and evolve.”

This Pride Month, Worth International Media reaffirms its commitment to fostering a workplace where diversity is celebrated, and all voices are heard. As we honor the LGBTQ+ community’s resilience and achievements, we stand proudly alongside our Chief Operating Officer, Victor Diaz-Herman.


For more information about Victor Diaz-Herman’s career and accolades, or to connect with him directly, Click Here.