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PR Manager, Worth International Media

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Worth International Media Announces a Major Industry Appointment:  Laurel Herman Joins the Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute Advisory Board

Miami, Florida – Worth International Media, a leader in travel related content and publishing, announces the appointment of their President and Editorial Director, Laurel Herman, to the Industry Advisory Board at the Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute, University of Florida. This prestigious appointment underscores Herman’s unwavering commitment to the travel and hospitality industry and her passion for cultural exchange and educational advancement.

Laurel Herman’s journey in the tourism and meeting industry is nothing short of extraordinary. Having traveled to over 65 countries, Herman’s wealth of experiences has profoundly enriched her professional life.

Herman’s deep-seated passion has propelled her to elevate the renowned brands Recommend magazine and Prevue magazine, showcasing her dedication to connecting people and places. “The essence of any destination is the people, and really getting to know how they view the world,” Herman explains. Her unwavering commitment to fostering connections through travel and meetings continues to shape her professional journey and influence the industry at large.

Rachel Fu, PHD, CHE Chair and Professor at the Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute, expressed the board’s excitement, emphasizing Herman’s well-established media expertise in the tourism and meeting industry. “With Laurel’s background in media, we have an excellent opportunity to enhance our outreach and engagement efforts,” Fu stated.

Worth International Media has long aimed to build bridges in communities through travel and meetings via their prestigious brands Recommend and Prevue. Joining the Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute Advisory Board aligns seamlessly with Worth International Media’s mission of creating a world connected through travel and meeting planning.

Rachel Fu emphasized the importance of a strong advisory board in shaping the future of tourism education. The goal is to leverage diverse expertise to enrich scholarships and develop effective internships in the industry.

For more updates on Laurel Herman’s initiatives and Worth International Media’s ongoing projects, stay connected with us on our social media platforms. Together, we look forward to a future of enriched travel and meeting experiences and educational excellence, continually fostering the next generation of leaders in the travel and tourism industry.