We reach key travel buyers across many lucrative markets.

For the past 40 years, we’ve been creating our own publications and marketing solutions targeting lucrative travel markets. Delivering your message to these audiences is our passion.

With major business-to-business brands targeting travel agents (Recommend, 50,000 subscribers) and meeting & incentive planners (Prevue, 35,000 subscribers), Worth International Media can not only develop your custom content, but also deliver it in the most strategic ways to key global travel buyers.

  • Print advertising and custom inserts
  • Travel agent education programs (print and digital)
  • Thought leadership editorial opportunities and custom content
  • Email marketing (national, geo-targeting, and behavioral profiling)
  • Web marketing (websites, strategic microsites, digital issues, and enewsletters)

  • Market-driven webinar series
  • Web show sponsorships
  • Lead generation
  • Custom research
  • Event sponsorships

Our Worth Brands

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