Lydia Gregory

Managing Editor, Recommend / Sr. Editor, Prevue

Lydia got her official start in travel writing in 1997 as Mexico Editor for Recommend magazine—and she’s thrilled to be back in 2022 as Managing Editor. In the intervening years, she enjoyed applying her experience and flair to her work as a freelance travel writer, editor, copywriter, and translator. Fully bilingual and bicultural, her background includes stints on Puerto Rican television, recording voice overs, and gracing the mastheads of an eclectic collection of Spanish- and English-language magazines and meetings guides—though her one true love is putting frequent flyer miles on her laptop and sharing her experiences with her readers.

Favorite places:

Choosing just one would be like cheating! Top four? Barcelona, Paris, Riviera Nayarit and… my home island of Puerto Rico!

Bucket list destinations:

How much space do I have? London, Greek Islands, Italy, Portugal, San Cristobal de las Casas (Mexico), Australia… just for starters!