Gary Herman

Gary Herman

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Architect

Gary Herman is Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Architect for Worth International Media Group. He joined the company in 1992, where he immediately began adding new technology to streamline the company’s internal computer operations. Gary has over 30 years of designing, developing, integrating and installing a diverse range of hardware and software technologies. In the late 70s, he was writing application software for the first microcomputers in the marketplace. In the early 80s, he developed and wrote software for accountants which was distributed nationally and designed custom application systems for a wide range of industry sectors. Now based in Naples, Fl, he continues to develop mainstream and added-value technologies for the Worth International Media Group.

Favorite place:

Focus on the journey, not the destination.

Bucket list destinations:

Leisurely drive through the U.S. visiting large and small cities in the US