Island Lodge Stockholm: The ROI of a Rustic & Refined Incentive Program

Island Lodge is located on a small private island 45 minutes from Stockholm in the Swedish archipelago, surrounded by thousands of other islands covered with native forest. There are seven high-tech geodesic dome tents overlooking the water, designed for corporate incentives for up to 14 pax. For planners seeking something way, way out of the ordinary, a couple nights here will have a powerfully calming effect on your group.

I knew this was going to be special because Island Lodge epitomizes the “glamping” and “digital detox” trends. As it turned out, this was one of the best group dinners of my life, best night’s sleep, and surprisingly, best hot tub.

Groups pull up by boat to a small dock in a little cove, leading to a safari-style camp restaurant at the end of the shore. It’s a couple minutes walk up an easy incline to the various camp tents, and as you’re walking your excitement builds in anticipation because you’re not quite sure what to expect.

The large domes turn out to be quite luxurious. They feature blond hardwood floors, animal skin rugs, fantastic beds with Mille Notti fine linens and wool pullovers, and a small wood burning stove. There are six orbital windows in each tent so you have great views of the woods around you.

It goes without saying the area smells fantastic with all of the pines trees surrounding you.